Lake Bouys & Markers

The “No Wake” buoys placed in the main channels between the two basins mark the perimeter of where the lake bottom was dredged.  If a motor is outside of that area it stirs up the sediment on the bottom and may transfer it back into the area where the sediment was removed.  Thus, our recent efforts are quickly erased.  We all appreciate your cooperation in following the course laid out by the buoys and maintaining that no-wake zone!

No Wake means your boat or watercraft should be going slow enough that there is no wake behind your boat.

 No-wake buoys mark channels.  No–wake means just that! NO WAKE!

Other special buoys mark the Ecozone on the southeast part of the little lake.  The Ecozone is limited to non-motorized boats.

Disregarding Buoy Instructions/Tampering with Buoys

Buoys on our lake were either purchased through funds donated by private individuals or purchased with tax dollars.  Anyone not observing the instructions on these buoys can be reported to the DNR.  Vandalizing or tampering with the markers will be reported to the sheriff's department. Tying up to a buoy is now allowed.

Laws Regarding Buoys from the Indiana DNR

Sec. 25. A person may not:

  • Moor or attach a boat to; or
  • Move, remove, displace, tamper with, damage, or destroy; a buoy, beacon, light marker, stake, flag, or other aid to safe operation placed upon public water by or by others under the authority of the United States or the state.