Lake Alert

One very important Safety Committee program is the Lake Alert.

If a burglary is committed or attempted at your home, if strangers in your neighborhood are acting suspiciously, contact the Lake Alert.  If your pet is missing or your boat has floated away, contact the neighborhood watch.

Here is how it works:

  • Make a police report if a crime has been committed or attempted.
  • Contact Chris Toles
  • Chris will see that an e-mail alert goes out to everyone who is signed up for SLAHA e-mail messages and alerts.
  • Chris also is our liaison between the Association and the Elkhart County Police.

We have helped one another in the past by alerting our neighbors to potential burglaries and vandalism. 

We have helped the county police by providing information that led to capture of suspects.

To add your email address to the Lake Alert email group, contact Amy Matherly at