Homeowners' Association

The SLAHA is a committee-driven neighborhood association which been in existence since 2006.  We are also a member of the Indiana Lakes Management Society and participate in the Clean Water Indiana Initiative.

Our MISSION is to foster the safety and quality of life in our neighborhood. We strive to protect the value of our homes, the wildlife and the environment surrounding our lake, support local and state law enforcement for the safety of our families and lake visitors, and encourage active involvement in the northern Elkhart, Indiana area growth and development.  Committees focus on communication, safety the environment and membership.

  •  Communications Committee | This committee produces the “Simonton Says” magazine four times each year and is responsible for the association website and the Simonton Lake Facebook page.  The magazine, website and Facebook are are not only a means to communicate. Through news about individuals and other interesting articles and features, we feel we have evolved into a community from just a group of people who share a common backyard. Advertising fees support production with the remainder going to support other association programs and projects.

  • Safety Committee Monitoring the needs for additional or replacement navigational buoys and coordination with the DNR and county police are the just some of tasks of this committee. The Safety Committee also has established a lake area e-mail alert system called “Lake Alerts”.  Alerts are sent out to inform residents of police reports of crimes in the area, the closing of the landing, dredging updates, lost dogs and more.
  • Environmental Committee Issues involving water quality, erosion, sediment removal and general ecology go to this committee.  This committee monitors invasive weeds, drainage problems and reports problems to the county or the Simonton Lake Conservancy District. The Simonton Lake Ecozone, which opened in 2015 is one of their completed projects.  Another project, a weir across Lilly Creek which will aid in controlling water level, and drainage was completed in 2016. The third phase of a sediment removal project was completed in the fall of 2019.  A total of 55,000 cubic yards of sediment was removed from the lake.
  • Membership Committee | This committee oversees our annual membership drive and also hosts events for lake residents such as our spring and fall all-lake garage sales.  All new residents to the lake get a welcome gift bag through our New Neighbor program. The gift bag includes among other things, a copy of Indiana Boating Regulations. This committee also produces a beautiful Lake Calendar with all the important lake dates and beautiful photographs taken by lake residents.